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  1. Jennifer Wen Ma, a Beijing-born New York-based artist, alters the traditional impressions of ink artwork with her new four-dimensional installation Hanging Garden in Ink, composed of 1500 live plants and 400kg of Chinese ink.

    Jennifer Wen Ma, ‘Hanging Garden in Ink’, 2012, 1500 living plants, 400kg of Chinese ink, 20 x 8 x 3 meters, at UCCA Beijing. Courtesy of UCCA.


    She was the creative director for Beijing Olympics!

    If you saw the opening and closing ceremony, then you are already familiar with her work.

    What’s so beautiful about this work is that the plants’ survival tendencies are so strong they begin to grow out of the blank ink. Sometimes she leaves unblossomed flowers unpainted, so that they can bloom in the midst of black plants.

    This work (and her other pieces) speaks really poignantly about overcoming “darkness” - death, despair - and finding hope.

    I can’t wait until her floating island is finished in Brazil!

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